offshore injury burn

One of the more common types of injuries aboard commercial vessels and oil platforms are burn injuries. This particular injury is extremely difficult to heal from and can leave an injured worker out of a job for a very long time. Accidents that occur at these locations are often subject to maritime law and the Jones Act, which may allow the seaman who sustained a burn injury to recover financial compensation from his or her employer.

Various Causes of Burn Injuries to Offshore Workers

Fires and explosions


Contact with hot machinery, fluids

Negligent maintenance of engines, compressors

Careless storage and disposal of flammable substances

Inadequate or defective fire suppression equipment

Failure to enforce smoking ban


Long-Term Medical Problems

In many burn cases, victims can develop an onslaught of complications, to include infection and possible death. Victims are also at high risk of developing cerebral hypoxia, a condition caused by a large-scale death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen, as fire consumes oxygen quickly.

Recovery from a burn injury is painful and slow. Victims are left with physical and emotional scars. Burn victims require a number of surgeries to try and correct the various problems that a burn can create. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are almost always necessary following a severe burn.

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