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Back/Neck Injuries

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Because offshore work is both physically demanding and straining, maritime workers are often the victims of back and neck injuries. This type of injury is often the result of trauma like a fall from a significant height, or is caused by the wear and tear of bones, muscles and joints over time. Regardless of whether or not the injury is severe or acute, back and neck injuries should always be a cause for concern. If you don’t seek proper treatment for the injury, you risk permanent disability or even death.

Common Causation Of Back and Neck Injuries

-A slip and fall on wet stairs, decks or gangplanks

-Improper moving/lifting of heavy equipment or cargo

-Fall from significant height

– Being hit by heavy equipment

How The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

These types of injuries can be debilitating, severely limiting or eliminating the worker’s ability to return to the job or work in other fields. They often also require costly surgeries, medical treatment, physical therapy and other follow-up procedures. As the medical bills pile up, and the worker is unable to work, the financial situation can become dire.

The team of offshore injury attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm are prepared to intervene and advocate on your behalf to recover maximum damages for the pain you have suffered on the job.

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