Due to the dangerous nature of offshore work, many of the accidents and injuries that occur at sea are often have very serious, life-altering consequences. Many times, injuries that occur can be fatal. If you, or someone you love has been injured or killed while working offshore, it is in your best interests to contact a knowledgeable maritime law attorney as soon as possible.

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Offshore Injury and Illness Attorneys Occupational Diseases From Toxic Exposure Working aboard ships is a risky and demanding occupation.  While many injuries are caused by heavy equipment and dangerous machinery onboard cargo ships, fishing boats, tugs, barges, drilling rigs and other maritime vessels, an offshore worker must also be careful of the hazardous chemicals being transported on on tankers and barges. These..
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Back/Neck Injuries

National Offshore Injury Attorneys Because offshore work is both physically demanding and straining, maritime workers are often the victims of back and neck injuries. This type of injury is often the result of trauma like a fall from a significant height, or is caused by the wear and tear of bones, muscles and joints over time. Regardless of whether or not the..
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Loss Of Limb Offshore Injury Attorneys From chains to hatches to winches, and more, offshore workers are constantly working with and around a multitude of equipment that can quickly cause very serious injuries. A very real concern for seamen is the loss of limb or amputation. Whether the amputation was immediate and caused directly by the accident the occurred, or the victim later..
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Brain Damage

OFFSHORE INJURY LAWYERS Free Consultations - Available 24/7 Conditions aboard offshore vessels are often catastrophically unsafe. Even without considering the natural dangers associated with these jobs—such as the unstable nature of the ocean and wet, slippery conditions onboard—human error and negligence can jeopardize an offshore worker’s health just as much, if not more. Employers who do not follow proper safety procedures, employees..
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Burn Injury

Offshore Burn Injury Lawyer Free Consultations - Available 24/7 One of the most common types of injuries aboard commercial vessels and oil platforms is a burn injury. This particular injury is extremely difficult to recover from and can leave an injured worker out of a job for a very long time. Accidents that occur on these vessels are subject to maritime law and the..
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Lung Disease

Offshore Injury Lawyer Free Consultations - Available 24/7 The physical nature of working on an offshore comes with assumed risks. Often overlooked, and more difficult to avoid, is exposure to hazardous or toxic substances. This is a risk that is not uncommon in an industry that often deals with oil and natural gases. Any natural gas or oil is considered a hazardous..